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Real Name: Juergen Kirbst  -  Address: Buersche Str. 148, D-49152 Bad Essen (...or somewhere else on this planet ...)   kirfin@freenet.de   +49 157 74734634


The purpose of the website www.kirfin.com is to present basic information, video’s and picture’s from the hobby artist Juergen Kirbst (Kirfin) to all interested people. This is a private website with no commercial interests (pictures), arranged and published by the author Juergen Kirbst (Kirfin). Some ‘youtube’ video’s linked from www.kirfin.com may underlaid with promotion.


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Juergen Kirbst, Am Friedhof 4, D-49152 Bad Essen  +49 157 74734634  Thanks to the models: Melanie, Patricia, Kestine and Jennifer